Major Responsibilities

Major Responsibilities


  First, propaganda and education of the CPC's united front guidelines and policies. Specific measures to be implemented should be put forward based on the actual situation of the university.
   Second, coordinating the relationship with representative figures of the democratic parties and non-parties. Assisting the CPC committee to strengthen and improve the political leadership towards the Democratic Party, helping them with their self-construction and supporting them to conduct activities; the university’s important work should be reported to the non-party people in time whose opinions and suggestions should be take into consideration seriously.

Third, recommendation of non-CPC personages. Cooperating with departments concerned to cultivate, select and recommend representative non-CPC personages, and then arrange political and actual official posts.  NPC delegates and CPPCC members at different levels should be coordinated and served well.

Fourth, Non-CPC intellectuals affairs. Carrying out ideological and political work targeted; performing research and investigation, and putting forward related political comments and suggestions to Party committee and higher-level departments in time.

Fifth, overseas Chinese affairs. Affairs of Hong Kong and Macao compatriots, Taiwan compatriots, overseas Chinese and their dependants should be well dealt with; the United Front Work Department should play an active role in developing activities of primary-level organizations of overseas Chinese Federation, and developing overseas fellowship activities with departments concerned.

Sixth, national work. Carrying out the propaganda and education of the CPC’s national policies. Strengthening the contact with minority students and teachers, and coordinating and solving problems they report.

Seventh, affairs of homecoming scholars. Strengthening the contact with homecoming scholars; research and convey their comments and suggestions; and doing the ideological and political work well.

Eighth, completing other tasks assigned by the Party Committee and superior united front departments.